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I’m Alexandra Marrero an intuitive holistic health and life coach specializing in gut health and CBD/MMJ products, a Reiki practitioner and Chakra healer.

You’re struggling to balance health and life without going crazy. You can’t help going on diet after diet trying to reach that ideal weight that seems far from reach. Life is chaotic. Your health is too. But it doesn’t have to be. Seriously diets are no fun, imagine never having to diet again. Imagine being able to wake up each morning with a fire burning inside you and a zest for life because you are healthy and happy inside and out. This is what we can achieve together. I’m can show you how.

My mission is to create a happier healthier planet one person at a time. I empower my clients to become the highest version of themselves. I create a supportive, stress free environment for my clients so they can find their inner peace. I show you how to heal old wounds and traumas to break free of the same old cycle. Sometimes we forget that we already know everything we need to know to be successful on our life’s journey. I’m here to help remove those blocks and limiting beliefs with you. Are you ready to transform into your highest self?

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