JEM Network Membership Levels and Benefits

Any mom who lives in New Jersey and either owns her own business or is looking to start one is welcome to join the Jersey Entrepreneurial Moms Facebook group. Our private group will connect you with thousands of JEMs who are eager to advise and support you and who can relate to you on countless levels. You’ll find our JEM Facebook group to be extremely active and lively, with daily support and motivation from like-minded moms who are paving their own path to success, while keeping community ahead of competition. We offer four levels of membership which allow you to choose which level of benefits will give you and your business the most value. You can upgrade to another level at any time.

Topaz Level

This free membership level includes access to the JEM private Facebook group, which will connect you with thousands of other JEMs and give you the ability to participate in discussions, plus have access to active support and motivation from other members.

As a member of the JEM Facebook group, you’ll have 3 weekly opportunities to promote and grow your business through the following themed discussion threads:

Work Together Wednesday: This weekly thread fosters teamwork and collaboration between the JEMs. It is also an opportunity to connect with another JEM who might have experienced the same challenges or successes and feels honored to help/advise you. This is also your time to list job openings you might have, vendors wanted for an upcoming vendor fair, or even request a JEM to collaborate with you as a guest blogger or event co-host.

Sell It Saturday: This weekly thread is the opportunity for JEMs to share any current sales, upcoming events, open houses, workshops, galas, or even exclusive JEM promotions!

Showcase Sunday: Weekly thread that allows each JEM to brag about either a recent achievement, latest blog, or your best work!
Topaz Level members are also invited to attend JEM events including:

JEMs Night Out: At these evening events, 25 to 75+ JEMs meet for Happy Hour at restaurants/lounges at locations throughout New Jersey to network, mingle and make new friends. Two JEMs (Sapphire Level and above) are showcased at each night out in a fun, casual, and relaxed way. These events are free to attend as each JEM pays for her own food and drink.

Business Workshops: These interactive events will help you develop your business skills while educating, motivating, and inspiring you. We cover topics such as sales, social media marketing, blogging, time management, accounting and many more. Locations vary throughout the state and are often held at elegant and unique locations to help you feel pampered and empowered. Workshops are ticketed events and there is a fee to attend.

Mommy and Me: These fun events cater to both our children and us as we get to watch our kids have a blast while they make new friends and we make new connections. We have fun playing, singing, and learning from the two JEMs that are featured at each event either by being a hostess or leading us in a discussion or activity. Most of these events are ticketed and have a small fee or are free to attend.

Flash Classes: Periodically with only a few days’ notice we will hold a mini business workshop for 10-15 JEMs in an intimate location. We’ll dive into one focus area per session such as Facebook ads, Instagram hashtagging, overcoming objections, etc. These impromptu events have a small fee to attend and are held at various locations/venues.

Vendor Fair: Each fall, JEMs host a yearly fair where 50+ JEMS are showcased and featured in our public venue where hundreds of people can attend. These events offer items for purchase, services for hire, entertainment, food, raffles, prizes, and more. The fair is family friendly and free to attend! (JEMs pay a fee for vendor space.)

Monthly Giveaways: At every event we create or host, JEMs gives away lots of great prizes to the attendees including exclusive JEM merchandise and products and services donated by individual JEMs.

Emerald Level

The Emerald Level membership offers all the benefits of the Topaz membership, plus the following:

JEM Directory Business Listing: One public, searchable business listing in the JEM Directory. This listing can include all of your contact information, social media links, logo and other branding, a map with your location, plus a description of your business and its products and/or services. The listing includes as many searchable keywords as you’d like to provide, plus a list of any additional amenities your business offers.

JEM Events Calendar Access: Each JEM can list any and all upcoming events that she will host, sponsor or attend. These publicly-listed events will include details on your event (date, time, location, description, direct link to event site (Facebook event page, webpage, Event Brite page, etc.). Each event has the potential to be viewed by thousands of website visitors.

Preferred Access: Be among the first to know about any upcoming events – anything from workshops, JEMs Nights Out, Flash Classes, Vendor Fairs, our Halloween party, JEM Retreat and more.

JEM10 Discount Program: This exclusive member discount program allows JEMs (Emerald Level and higher) to receive member discounts, plus participate in the JEM10 program as a vendor. Each JEM who would like to participate can offer whatever “10 Discount” works for her business: $10 off, 10% off, 10 extra minutes, or some other “10” variation. Each JEM will receive a membership card and will have access to all the JEM10 Discount Program details.

JEM Network Website Badge:JEMs can display the exclusive JEM Network Badge on their website. A snippet of code which you can copy and paste onto a webpage will be provided).

Sapphire Level

The Sapphire Level membership offer all benefits of the Emerald Level plus the following:
Additional Business Listing: A total of two Featured Business Listings in our public JEM Network Directory. Includes a description of your services and products, website and social media links, contact information, map showing your location, amenities and searchable keywords.

JEM VIP Facebook Group: This JEM Network Facebook group allows you to share anything you choose including promotions, vendor events, new products or services. The VIP group also gives you the ability to connect and collaborate with the driven and motivated group of JEMs who are in the Sapphire and Diamond membership levels.

JEM Shop Limited Edition: An opportunity to create and promote an exclusive JEM product or service for anyone to purchase from our official JEM Shop. Each month, a different JEM’s item will be showcased and offered as a limited edition for that month. Each item caters to the working mom and will be JEM approved in concept and design.

JEM Event Discounts: Sapphire JEMs may use their JEM10 discount on our workshops, flash classes, vendor events and other events that require a fee and registration. The details of the JEM10 offer will be provided in each event invitation or page.

Feature Me Fridays: Be in the spotlight in this weekly feature of our JEM Facebook group. Every Friday 2-3 JEMs answer 11 intriguing questions about their background, family and business. JEM Network admins choose the Feature Me Friday JEMs each week.

JEMs Night Out Member Showcase: This opportunity to be showcased at one of our monthly JEMs Nights Out will get you and your business in front of a crowd of smart, driven moms in a fun and casual setting. Each of two JEMs will have time to introduce herself and tell her business story, plus offer an exclusive promotion for all JEMs attending the event.

Diamond Level

The Diamond Level membership level offers all the benefits of the Sapphire level, plus these additional benefits:
Additional Featured Business Listings: You may have up to 3 featured listings in our public JEM Network Directory. Includes a description of your services and products, website and social media links, contact information, map showing your location, amenities and searchable keywords.

JEM Business Workshop Presenter: The opportunity to present, teach, and speak at one of our business workshops, either on your own or partnered with another JEM. Our 2-hour business workshops are interactive, educational, inspirational and often luxurious. This is an excellent way to introduce your expertise and services to members of the JEM network.

Vendor Priority at JEM events: Diamond level members have exclusive vendor priority at any event, including our Annual Fair in November and our March JEM Retreat. Diamond level JEMs are first to be invited as a vendor, giving them the best exposure for their businesses.

Featured Guest JEM Network Blogger: This is a unique opportunity to inspire and educate JEM members by guest blogging on the JEM Network blog. Each guest post will feature a direct link to your business website. The guest blog post means potential exposure and connection with thousands of readers and subscribers, and the opportunity to establish authority in your field, broaden your reach, and drive traffic to your website.

JEM Website Advertising: The opportunity to advertise on the JEM Network website is an exclusive Diamond Level benefit. Strategically-placed graphic ads will expand your reach and increase the visibility of your business. Plus, these ads will link directly to your business listing, where visitors can learn more details of your business and follow the link directly to your website.

Diamond ONLY Events: These select experiences occur only a few times each year and are designed with every detail in mind to create an elegant, exclusive and luxurious experience. JEM Diamond Only Events reinvent the notion of networking with class and style!

Founders Business Strategy Session: Every Diamond Level JEM who subscribes for the full year receives one complimentary half-hour business development phone session with JEM Network co-founders Sarah Williams and Jillian Windle. This is a fabulous opportunity to strategize and brainstorm about key areas in sales and marketing, such as promotions, social media, packaging, goal setting, referral programs, blogging, or another related area. If you’re looking for some direction or a fresh perspective for your business, this focused phone call could be a jump start for your success!