There are several advertising opportunities for our Diamond level JEMs to take advantage of for their businesses.  Each strategically placed ad, either static or scrolling, offers exposure to not only all of our JEMs but also to the public who are simply visiting the site as well.  These ads will link directly through to your website creating the traffic you’re looking for!

Choose from the options below for the best package to promote and market your business:

  • $75 for static ad on the home page for 3 months, 3 available.
  • $50 for static ad on underlying pages for 3 months, 3 available.
  • $25 for Scrolling ad on home page AND underlying pages for 3 months, 20 available
  • $15 for Digital Billboard:  scrolling digital ad displayed at all of our in person events for 3 months, 35 available

Want to advertise but don’t have a graphic ready to go or not sure what to say or offer?  Don’t worry, we’ll help you!!  Take advantage of our sales and marketing background and we’ll design a captivating ad just for you.

  • $40 for static or scrolling ad design
  • $60 for digital billboard design