Welcome to the Jersey Entrepreneurial Moms Network!

The Jersey Entrepreneurial Moms Network is an extensive group of New Jersey business owner moms who educate, inspire, and motivate each other toward success.

In the spring of 2017, JEM Network co-founders Sarah Williams and Jillian Windle shared a vision to bring together entrepreneurial moms statewide who all face the challenges of raising a family while starting or running a business. What began as a small Facebook group quickly developed into a living, breathing community of like-minded women who collaborate and support each other on a daily basis, also known as living #theJEMlife.

Along with the active online presence on our website and Facebook page, we provide a variety of unique networking opportunities for our members through monthly events such as educational workshops, Flash Classes, Mommy and Me play groups, and exciting JEMs Nights Out.



About the Founders

Sarah Williams, a resident of Hazlet, NJ, is an entrepreneur and the founder of Eternal Heirlooms, Sentimental Gold Redesigned. After graduating from Loyola College  with a Psychology degree, Sarah began her career helping her family run a bed and breakfast while she was the Regional Sales Trainer for Victoria’s Secret. After seven years of fitting bras and training hundreds of college kids on the art of selling, Sarah continued her career managing a luxury men’s suiting store. Three years later, a customer recruited Sarah into the high-end jewelry business as a custom jewelry designer. Immersed in the world of gold and diamonds, Sarah discovered her passion for the honor and love that jewelry can hold in hearts and memories. Sarah used that passion to create Eternal Heirlooms, Sentimental Gold Redesigned. Eager to start her journey as a business owner while managing a family of four, Sarah knew that she would need help. Even with her savvy sales background, the idea of starting her business alone was daunting and overwhelming. Sarah decided to create her own group of mom entrepreneurs who could educate, inspire, and motivate each other. That very day, the Jersey Entrepreneurial Moms Facebook group was created.


Jillian Windle, a resident of Howell, NJ, is an entrepreneur and digital marketer with an extensive background in graphic design, web design, and online marketing. For over 14 years, her company, Pixel Advance, has helped clients turn their design visions into graphical reality. With a creative degree in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Jillian has successfully assisted a diverse array of clientele, both large and small, from new business startups, to fully established companies and charitable organizations. She enjoys creating innovative and eye-catching designs, and then pairing them with fully-integrated marketing plans to enhance her clients’ visual branding across all forms of digital media. Jillian loves a challenge and thrives on unique marketing projects that allow her to think outside the box. She is thrilled to bring her branding, web design, social media, and digital marketing skills to the Jersey Entrepreneurial Moms Network and organization. As a self-employed mother for the past three years, she fully understands the struggles and challenges met by working moms each day. This has inspired her to support other entrepreneurial moms and share her wealth of marketing knowledge with the ever-growing JEM community.